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maxie daxie
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Level 7
maxie daxie

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PostSubject: maxie's universite   maxie's universite EmptySun Nov 18, 2007 7:17 pm

this is the school for the jobs for new people .

news paper poster :
you have to post the news paper ever thursday but some peole go to far and say ever thing try to say what auntartic awnsers to not the complete thing with the awnsers qustions and all that and that apleys for it all the evens you put the complete thing on and you say if there are comics . poems .ect but you don't post the comic and all that .

club penguin updates poster :
ever friday you have to post the updates on club penguin ,
ex: when the suprise paRrty comes out you get it as quic as you can and give all the details there is ! and what is happeing and it may help reading the newspaper.

secret poster :
a secret poster is like being in a cheat finding club you have to try finding really good cheats that other people don't know so try seacring on google and use your own words don't copy .

the thinker :
don't do this job with an iq under 50 because you will get no money ! try thinking first to see if you have any idea's . then if you don't try looking on other forums and blogs and asking your friends for ideas then if you still have no ideas after a week then get a new job i think .

smiley guy :
you might have to be a good artist and thinker for this one you need some thing intresting that people will use if it is funny ( like the pig pig ) then people will use it . if it is cool Cool or something a nother type of cool then people will like it then come silly tongue and then holidays: santa, and so on !

artist :
this you have to have a good imagention for thinking what you are going to do , to do this the best to have is photo shop if you can't afford it (like me) get free and some good tools for it .

you advetise once a day on a blog or website or any were on the web ! don't just say "please go to (exsample for this ) , say some thing good about it why would some one wanna go to a web site of a boring person, so try to get a good phrase to say and try to change it evey day so more and more people will want to come !!
good luck .
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maxie's universite
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