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 Huge guide how do hack.(no copying and pasting!)

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Level 3

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PostSubject: Huge guide how do hack.(no copying and pasting!)   Fri Nov 30, 2007 9:56 am

1.Cp trainer 2 hacks
2.Cp trainer 1 hacks
3.Cp trainer 3 hacks
3.wpe pro
4.Cheat engine 5.3

1.The main and most used hacking device is cp trainer 2.It seems that only non members mostly use it.So the main thing is the avatar hack.There are many id codes for it.If you want them go to my cp quiestions topic.There are some unrelsed items in it.(ninja suit etc.)There is a cp member hack that does not seem to work.Say you have the tour guide hat on then you id hack a sunbrero.The tour guide hat will stay on and the sunbrero will be on too!Then there are room hacks.You can use walking hacks and moon walk hacks.

2.Cp trainer 1 is sorta like cp trainer 3.Execpt the screen is bigger.It has the same old hacks but very few.Less then cp trainer 2.But nobody likes it so much cuz you click somwhere your pc freezes.So lets move on.

Cp trainer 3 more hacks.Small screen and the things save.So the main hack is the id hack for this.

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maxie daxie
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Level 7
maxie daxie

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PostSubject: Re: Huge guide how do hack.(no copying and pasting!)   Tue Dec 04, 2007 2:31 am

The Cp memeber hack does work ! Its says your anon - memeber devo, but try going to a shop and buying stuff any way hacks suck ! no one can see them ! just you then you get banned
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Huge guide how do hack.(no copying and pasting!)
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